• 21 Jun


    A new collaboration with you!

    Today is your day to contact us and start a profitable collaboration :)

  • December


    Burning Box SA is now "Silver Microsoft Partner"

    Microsoft Silver Partner

    Burning Box SA is "Silver Microsoft partner". Which is for you a guarantee of success! We work with great tools that are used by millions of developers around the world.

  • October


    Burning Box SA is a Microsoft partner

    Microsoft Partner

    Burning Box SA is a Microsoft partner. Which is for you a guarantee of success! We work with great tools that are used by millions of developers around the world.

  • October


    Swiss Made Software

    Swiss Made Software

    Software created by Burning Box SA now has the Swiss Made Software label. This label guarantees that most of the development has been done in Switzerland. A guarantee of quality !

  • October


    IT Valley

    IT Valley

    Burning Box SA is member of IT Valley

  • Autumn


  • Spring


    20 years

    20 years Burning Box SA

    The company celebrates its 20th anniversary. In May 2016, to thank our long-standing and loyal clients we organised a day out with lots of activities. Thie jubilee was also the time for us to change our graphic identity. Since blue flames are hotter than orange or red flames, they epitomize the constant growth of our passion for our work perfectly :).

  • Spring


    First-Broker cloud version - in partnership with Nexcloud


    Through a partnership with Nexan and their platform Nexcloud, we are able to offer First-Broker (and other software) as hosted versions. Our clients enjoy a remote access to a Windows environment. The secured connection offers a high availibility.

  • Spring


    Cloud and Azure


    Since 2014 we have been concentrating on cloud solutions through the use of Microsoft Azure. We also work with other systems in Switzerland according to the requirements.

  • -


    Orange corporate identity

    20 years Burning Box SA

    Our company is now 10 years old. We celebrate with a brand new visual corporate identity. The next 10 years will be marked by orange and yellow tones.

  • -




    Launch of our first version of First-Broker. After two years of development, the first edition of our broker software is implemented at Schafer Assurances SA in Fribourg. Since this launch, First-Broker has not stopped evolving, and became the software of reference aimed at insurance brokers in Switzerland.

  • January 2004



    Creation of the first version of Projix. Projix is a time, project and internship management software dedicated to schools. Projix is still being used by the Haute École de Travail Social in Fribourg. It is still being periodically improved.

  • February 28th 2002


    Burning Box SA

    The company is now focused on the development of softwares and becomes Burning Box SA. The concept of "fire" in "Burning" represents our passion for our profession.

  • February 27th 2001



    As the activity developed, the company changed its structure to become a private company with a capital of 100,000 Swiss Francs. The company changed its name to "MXCO SA". MXCO was already the abbreviation and logo of Mettraux & Cie.

  • March 4th 1996


    Mettraux & Cie

    Tired of fighting and doing odd jobs during their student years, the brothers Steve and John Mettraux started the "Mettraux & Cie" partnership with their father. This framework allowed them to structure their activities and invoice the VAT introduced that year.

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We are a company specialized in software development. We make all types of software, including web, desktop and mobile applications.


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