Btime, for an easier stamping and time management

Staff time management can be a burdensome and difficult task. Many questions arise: did this employee record his hours correctly? are there too many? is his last holiday and overtime count correct? etc. An old generation stamping system could be cumbersome and costly to implement.

Choose btime, our online stamping system!

The stamping machines are cheap and quickly installed, and the system rental is charged according to usage. 10 people stamping at 10% will thus be invoiced for one person.

You may then print the timesheets in a few minutes and directly from the btime site!

Do not wait any longer and contact us to receive a quote and/or make an appointment for a demo.

Examples of timesheets you may print with Btime:

Product details

  • First version: 2015
  • Latest release: Apr 2021
  • Website: